THE UPCOMING CITY OF FARGO ELECTION might be just a little different than what you're used to because it'll be only the second time we've had the privilege to use a better system to elect our commissioners.

This year, you get to use approval voting for the Fargo Mayoral and City Commission races. That is, you have the freedom to vote for all the candidates you approve of, not just one or two.

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot use approval voting for the Fargo School Board—vote for up to 5—or Fargo Park Board—vote for up to 3—races.

Now, it's like giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down to each of the candidates instead of just one or two.

Because of this, approval voting is flexible:

Like several candidates?
  Approve them all.
Only like one candidate?
  Approve just that one.
Only know who you don't want?
  Approve everyone else.
Worried your favorite doesn't have a chance?
  Approve your favorite plus a few more you like.

In the end, the candidates with the most votes will win, just like they always have.

It's that simple.


Candidate participation does not indicate endorsement. Interviews have been edited for time.