House Bill 1273 WAS a bill to ban the use of both approval voting and ranked choice voting at all levels in North Dakota elections.

Politicians from across the state were trying to tell Fargo voters that their historic vote to adopt approval voting shouldn't count—and THEY JUST LOST!

Thanks to YOUR WORK to secure not only Governor Burgum's VETO but the bill's DEFEAT IN THE ND SENATE, approval voting is saved!

Contact the Governor and those Senators who voted "NO" to protect Approval Voting and THANK THEM FOR THEIR VOTE!

Every voice matters!

Contact the Governor and "no" voting Senators! Thank them for their "NO" VOTE ON HB 1273 no matter where they're from!

OfficialContactFinal Vote
Burgum, DougGovernor's WebsiteVeto
Barta, Jeffjbarta@ndlegis.govNo
Burckhard, Randyraburckhard@ndlegis.govNo
Dever, Dickddever@ndlegis.govNo
Dwyer, Michaelmdwyer@ndlegis.govNo
Kreun, Curtckreun@ndlegis.govNo
Roers, Jimjroers@ndlegis.govNo
Roers, Kristinkroers@ndlegis.govNo
Bekkedahl, Bradbbekkedahl@ndlegis.govNo
Braunberger, Ryanrbraunberger@ndlegis.govNo
Cleary, Seanscleary@ndlegis.govNo
Hogan, Kathykhogan@ndlegis.govNo
Kessel, Greggkessel@ndlegis.govNo
Krebsbach, Karenkkrebsbach@ndlegis.govNo
Lee, Judyjlee@ndlegis.govNo
Mathern, Timtmathern@ndlegis.govNo
Piepkorn, Merrillmpiepkorn@ndlegis.govNo
Rummel, Deandrummel@ndlegis.govNo
Sickler, Jonathanjlsickler@ndlegis.govNo
Sorvaag, Ronaldrsorvaag@ndlegis.govNo
Wanzek, Terrytmwanzek@ndlegis.govNo
Axtman, Michellemaxtman@ndlegis.govYes
Beard, Toddtbeard@ndlegis.govYes
Boehm, Keithkboehm@ndlegis.govYes
Conley, Colecconley@ndlegis.govYes
Elkin, Jayjayelkin@ndlegis.govYes
Larson, Dianedlarson@ndlegis.govYes
Erbele, Robertrerbele@ndlegis.govYes
Estenson, Judyjestenson@ndlegis.govYes
Hogue, Daviddhogue@ndlegis.govYes
Kannianen, Jordanjkannianen@ndlegis.govYes
Klein, Jerryjklein@ndlegis.govYes
Larsen, Dougdouglarsen@ndlegis.govYes
Luick, Larrylluick@ndlegis.govYes
Magrum, Jefferyjmagrum@ndlegis.govYes
Meyer, Scottscottmeyer@ndlegis.govYes
Lemm, Randyrlemm@ndlegis.govYes
Myrdal, Jannejmyrdal@ndlegis.govYes
Clemens, Daviddclemens@ndlegis.govYes
Davison, Kylekdavison@ndlegis.govYes
Patten, Daledpatten@ndlegis.govYes
Paulson, Bobbpaulson@ndlegis.govYes
Rust, Daviddrust@ndlegis.govYes
Schaible, Donalddgschaible@ndlegis.govYes
Vedaa, Shawnsvedaa@ndlegis.govYes
Weber, Markmarkweber@ndlegis.govYes
Weston, Kentkweston@ndlegis.govYes
Wobbema, Michael mwobbema@ndlegis.govYes

For copy-and-paste convenience to email them all at once (though individual emails to each Senator will be more effective):