We think elections should serve the needs to the voters.
We're nearing our signature goal for our ballot initative to get a better voting system in Fargo—we need approval voting.
We need your help! Volunteer today to help make Fargo better, whether you want to help collect signatures or just spread the word. We can't do it without you.


In practice, approval voting will be very familiar to us. We'll still fill in ovals on our ballots; the only change is how many ovals we'll be allowed to fill out. Instead of being told to 'Vote for ONE name' we'll simply be told to 'Vote for ALL the names you approve of.'

Candidates receiving the most votes will still win, exactly as they do today.

Furthermore, approval voting is descriptive:

Only like one candidate?
Approve just that one.
Like several candidates?
Approve all of them.
Only know who you don't want?
Approve everyone else.
Worried your favorite doesn’t have a chance?
Approve your favorite plus a compromise or two.

Not only are all of these possibilities descriptive, they’re also completely valid ways to cast your ballot with approval voting—telling the government how you truly want an election to turn out is allowed.

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